References and a gentle reminder !

Thanks to Shubham Inani , now we have rubinfold’s Economics for those who arent keen of reading Koutsoyiannis and also fred luthan’s Organisational behavior . Such a warm response by you guys reminds me of a quote

Coming together is a beginning ; keeping together is progress and working together is success . – Henry ford 

Let us help each other with whatever we know and we have,  be it  a news article you come across(mesmerizing and informative )  or a book you think worth sharing , even ideas on how can commerce could help in making life easy or pros and cons of various career option we have ahead of us .let us all reap the benefits of each others intellect and expertise , We have people with varied aspiration and interests and many more with full of doubts and confusions . We just want you guys to communicate with each other , for rest we are sure of your potentials and  zeal of learning and help others learn .

following is the link for downloading book :-

pdfkoutsoyiannis – Microeconomics and luthan’s Organizational behavior


Organisational Behavior

We got a request asking for the  Organisational behavior  book . So here we are uploading Robbins, Stephen P. and Timothy A. Judge, Organizational Behaviour , feel free to ask for what you guys need we will see to it .

following is the link to download Organisational behavior book , happy reading :

pdfrobbin’s Organizational behavior


A Few More Books

Uploading a few more books for the MCOM students , these are not 1st preferences as readings but are just fine to practice and have  conceptual clarity , while we are working on other books , you guys have fun  studying .

following is the link for downloading Management accounting(colin drury )


and Business statistics (Aczel A. and soundpandian J.)

pdf  BS

Personal finance -Jeff Madura

Personal finance by Jeff Madura is a suggested reading for Financial Planning course semester 1 , Mcom . Not all chapters from this book are relevant , but reading them Is suggested to gain an edge over finance .

link for downloading the book :

pdfjeff madura

we do appreciate your feedback , let us know what else you need and feel free to contribute (your notes or ideas or any resource ).