Class notes for Mcom 1st Year !!

We are providing the links for downloading notes of Managerial Economics and Business Statistics . These notes are shared with us┬áby Shelly Gupta and Sugandh Mittal , so you can thank them for these notes. Meanwhile we are trying to workout more stuff for you guys (like links of business articles , useful videos , sharing with you the talent we have in our campus etc.) . Till then you can let your friends know about our blog and suggest us all the cool stuff you want us to have here ­čśë

following link is for downloading notes of ┬áManagerial Economic’s chapter- “theory of growth of firm “.



-Theory of growth of firm


following link is for downloading notes of Business Statistic’s chapter ┬á-“probability distribution” and “sampling distribution”




-“Probability Distribution” and “Sampling Distribution”



Organisational behavior-PPTs

Thanks to Rishab Gupta we are sharing the ppts for OB , these are not exhaustive . Will keep on uploading as we get more of these .

following is the download link :

th5385qkg0OB -PPTs

you guys are most welcome to contribute your bit .