Budgeting solved

Budgeting solved by NIRAJ SETH. Look out for Account method of solving Cash Budget questions , which is lot more easier and simpler . Both Flexible and Cash Budget exam questions are included. Keep it up !!!



Levin and Rubin solutions

A Big Thanks to our lovely, ever smiling senior Varda Sardana  (Rotaract President) for providing us with solutions to Levin and Rubin, and Hat Tip to our Member Sugandh for informing us that the relevant material  to read for externals starts after page 53 in the pdf.

pdf  Link to the solutions

We also extend Kudos to our Team Member Shubham Inani for helping us out to find  the actual book which can be read in online form only. Thanks a lot Shubham. Keep it up !!!

pdf Levin and Rubin Book ( Online Read only )

Well done team and thanks a lot to all our viewers. We’ll keep working hard for all the faith that you put in us !!!

Previous 10 year Question Paper of Internals

Guys exams are near so here we are posting previous year papers so that you can have a idea of how to attempt these question , however these were available on photocopy shop of D-School but still many of us are not regular to dept. so don’t have access to these important piece of doc . This doc was scanned by Nishu Malik you can thank her for these efforts

pdf Internals 10 year

MA last year Internal Question solved

All of us are worried and dead serious about Internal Exams. So to get a general idea, one of our MA expert :p Gourav Agarwal took the job of solving previous year internal questions of year 2014 and year 2015.


pdf Solved MA Internal previous year


Thank You Gourav for your assistance. We hope you will keep giving your help to all our fellow friends.

Case Studies For Financial Planning ( Solved)

From several days, many of us were facing problems regarding solutions of case studies in Financial Planning and in such a hectic time of internal preparation, this comes as a great assistance to all students. We extend a token of warm gratitude to SUGANDH MITTAL for solving case studies and we hope that Sugandh keeps on giving such a considerate support to our whole team. These case studies are from internal point of view and are not exhaustive in nature.

pdf    Link to case study 1

CASE STUDY 2 (All thanks to Sugandh again for solving one of the class test question)

pdf  Link to Case study 2


Thank You Very Much Sugandh!!!

Home Test: Syllabus and Sources from where to read it!

Home tests are due in the mid of October and most of you aren’t really sure of where to do the syllabus from . So one of our padhaku ladki (Nishu Malik ) did complied the detailed syllabus of all subjects mentioning the books from where to read and what to read . So we are sharing this with you guys , you can thank her for that ! Happy reading guys.

download the following pdf :

pdf home test syllabus and sources from where to read